Professional and Maintenance Services Contracting

We provide experienced electrical controls engineers, software engineers, electricians and mechanics to support customer projects and installations.  Typically, in this arrangement, our staff is deployed to the customer site and is under the daily management of the customer. However, we can also provide experienced supervisory and project management staff capable of managing multi-disciplinary teams deployed at site.


We have available experienced professionals capable of managing or supporting the development, implementation, integration and management of complex distribution, materials management and logistical processes. This experience will ensure that materials are delivered, transported and inventoried in the most effective, economical manner for optimum supply assurance.

Design and Build

Our primary business focus is to perform design and build projects for our customers in the material handling, airport baggage and automation fields. We can provide full electrical, controls and software applications for your automated conveying systems.

Integration and Acceptance Testing

JMR Technology commissions and performs acceptance testing of any system we design. Additionally, we provide independent support, oversight and verification of other vendor installations.

It is always advisable that customers actively participate in acceptance testing of systems or have representatives do so. This ensures the system you buy is the system you wanted.

Facilities Maintenance

We offer on-site maintenance for material handling, baggage handling & industrial automation systems. We have personnel capable of running and maintaining your system, controls, software and peripheral devices.


We offer remote support 24x7 for material handling, baggage handling & industrial automation systems, encompassing mechanical, controls and software issues.